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Icon and type made for re-branding of web design company

Done at: Applied Imagination

I got married, here is a logo I made and animated with my wife

Custom type logo for worlds' biggest airport conveyor belt systems supplier

Done at: Quo Vadis  Creative Director: Rick Julian

Logo for California Chiropractic center

Note: Negative space is used to imply a "W" while using arrows to signify alignment.

Logo for T-shirt company in Atlanta

Company Name: BEARBEAR

Logo for high class luxury car rentals

Note: The crest incorporates both a "W" and "V" in its design

Branding for world's largest radar supplier based off of light pattern on radar systems

Agency: Ethic Inc.


Websites and applications

Created landing pages for new products

Made at: Engage Digital   Creative Direvctor: Eric Foster

Interface planning, design and branding

Strapd is a hip hop contest site where winners earn prizes based on performance

Planning and design of app and web interfaces

Sports Crunch is a social network for amateur and pro athletes

Creation of The Home Depot "In store carpet selector" interface

Made at: Engage Digital

Creation of Alternative Apparel's summer and fall digital collateral

Made for: Alternative Apparel       Creative Director: Kevin Byrd


I have been integral in the planning, branding, and implementation of many digital systems

Planning also includes pitch decks and style guides.

Agency: Sapient Nitro

Creation of the Ciga Healthcare style guide


Mechanicals, mocks, pitch decks and more


Presentation and Pitch decks



Vectors, photo-realistic illustrations, renderings, explorations… whatever is needed

Vector Photoreal Graphics

(illustration only)

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